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COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfection Company



If your property has been exposed to the deadly COVID-19 virus, then you simply cannot risk the lives of your employees or family by hiring a standard maid cleanup company. Coronavirus cleanup should only be performed by  a trained disinfection cleanup company.

Our team works exclusively with biohazarous materials and viruses. We follow CDC Guidelines and only use EPA approved safe and green products!


The Best In COVID-19 Remediation

Hiring a carpet cleaner or mold company isn’t going to give you the sterilizing medical cleanliness that we have to offer. Here are some of the reasons that make us the only choice for COVID-19 Remediation:

  • Specially trained staff following CDC guidelines
  • TX Clean and Green offers a up to 30 day preventive  treatment
  • Electrostatic sprayers that leaves no residue
  • Work area ready for your staff in 10  mins
  • Offering weekly service, monthly preventive service and one time deep clean remediation service
  • Service available 24/7 for scheduling 
  • All services come with a Professional TxC&G Certificate of Completion
  • We will always use EPA approved nontoxic products


* 3 different options – including 30 day prevention *

TX C&G Coronavirus Cleaning Services Plans:


TIER ONE: Disinfecting Service Agreement

– Weekly / Biweekly service agreement
– Hand wipe all high touch areas
 – Electrostatic spray disinfecting of all high touch areas
– CDC / EPA approved formula
– Four- in- one disinfectant that cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, and sanitizes a wide range of            surfaces.
– Effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes or less
– Influenza Type A in 1 minute
– Norovirus in 5 minutes
– Coronavirus in 10 mins
– Hand wipe high touch areas to prepare for the electrostatic spray treatment

TIER TWO: 30 day Preventive Service (Recommended)
(Tier one + Protective Shield)

– Hand wipe all high touch areas
 – Electrostatic spray disinfecting of all high touch areas
– Round two – protective application for all hard surface / high touch areas
* Water-based formula that is not only safe to use (no harsh chemicals), ithas the relative toxicity of Vitamin C.

* Microbe Shield lays down a protective barrier on surfaces that does not allow germs to grow
* Surfaces can stay germ free for up to 30 days with a single application
* Hand wipe high touch areas to prepare for the electrostatic spray treatment



TIER THREE : Reactive – Deep Cleaning + Preventive
This is an all inclusive deep cleaning service if your facility has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus / Covid-19 case – 3 step process

– Specially trained staff following CDC recommended protective gear

– Step one:  Electrostatic spray treatment of all surface 
* 8 ft. down wall treatment
* Treat all surface and floor
* Treat all equipment and furniture / fixtures
– Step two:  Hand wipe treatment (15 mins post step one)
* Hand wipe treatment of all high touch areas
– Step Three: Preventive treatment
* Treat all high touch and hard surface with our protective application
* Up to 30 day protection
Hand wipe high touch areas to prepare for the electrostatic spray treatment

The CDC’s COVID 19 Clean Up Guidelines

We have introduced an additional Covid 19 clean up alternative to our full COVID-19 service that may be more feasible for your company. We now offer a “no-touch” full-coverage application of a disinfectant. The CDC process in response to COVID-19 is to 1.) Clean all surfaces that are to be treated and then 2.) Apply EPA-registered disinfectant per manufacturer’s guidelines and master label.

Our new alternative service takes care of the 2nd part of the CDC process alone. There are specific conditions considering this is a “no-touch” service.


The conditions are:

  1. Your facility must have been recently cleaned – All ‘high-touch” areas must have been recently wiped down.
  2. You can clearly designate any “NO SPRAY” areas prior to starting.
  3. All loose, lightweight items need to be secured or put away.

Benefits to “no-touch” service:

  1. Affordable pricing.
  2. Minimal business interruption (2 man team can complete approximately 10,000 SF in 90 min).
  3. Workers can re-enter treated areas within 45 min.
  4. Faster more efficient application process.
  5. Even distribution by EPA approved electric atomizing spray application ensures proper coverage.

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection


Electrostatic disinfection sprayers utilize electrically charged tips on the end of the sprayers to add a positive charge to droplets that literally seek out and wrap bacteria, viruses and germ-infested areas in a negatively charged world.
The force of electrostatic attraction is so strong that the droplets can, and will, reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity, to coat hidden surfaces. Electrostatic droplets tend to repel each other and not overlap, which provides for uniform dispersion and virtually 100% coverage of the area that is being sprayed. Therefore being one of the most effective processes to treat an area affected by COVID-19.

UV-C Light Disinfection

In addition to the chemical approach of using water to disinfect a room or building, we also use UV-C light to rapidly eradicate germs that are airborne, or that can become airborne while cleaning. We use the same equipment used by hospitals to effectively cause microorganisms to become physically inactive, nonthreatening, and sterilizing viruses, and bacteria from reproducing and infecting.


Scientific studies have consistently shown that a concentrated amount of UV light and effectively fight against a wide array of pathogens and viruses, such as COVID-19. The sanitization effects of UV light has been found to be up to 99.9% effective against unseen bacteria, viruses and even protozoa.

Coronavirus Remediation By Trained Technicians

We Do Not Sub-Contract. Our Techs handle all Cleaning, Removal, & Disposal

Our trained technicians will

  • Use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) by all technicians
  • Usage of EPA-registered chemicals specifically for the disinfection of viruses including Coronavirus

  • Precise three-step process of cleaning and disinfection

All Plans include:

  • Electrostatic sprayer/fogger application of proper disinfectant chemicals
  • Detailed action plan to help prevent the chance of reinfection

TX C&G reserves the right to provide pricing for complex facilities on a case-by-case basis.

Discounted rates apply based on Square Footage over 2000 SF.

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